what we do

  1. kingshadow
    what we do is like this we make a knights that protects the elements and you can choose what you can be and its ok if someone chooses the same one as you that means you have more backup
  2. megagirlzero
    Well my knight Fa Zeon Aka Lamore, Aka would be a protector of Energy and the planet Earth if that ok i can come up with a profile for her if you like
  3. kingshadow
    sure more elements the better that is a good idea
  4. Darkbird the Scarred
    I am Karo Zamoran, a knight of the Dark (note: I'm not entirely evil).
  5. kyuuookami
    I am Aohi protector the fire (the coolest element)
  6. Kotaro7914
    I am Mosaro, Knight of lightning, wild, powerful, yet can be gentle.
  7. Sarentai Kyoukan
    my character's silas , a vile knight who is known for synergising darkness and fire
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