whats your favorite element

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  1. crash bandicoot
    What is your favorite element Mind is fire i love the way it looks and how it has a mind of its own.
  2. megagirlzero
    Well for myself been doing some stuff about element and I came up with 20 different
    element, and I have to say my favorite element is Energy but if you want to know
    about the list let me know.
  3. Darkbird the Scarred
    I am a fan of fire too, for all the reasons you said, but I am also a fan of Dark, for it has always been here and always will be.
  4. Kotaro7914
    I am a fan of lightning. It is wild and destructive, but also misunderstood and could be used with many other ways.
  5. kingshadow
    Mine is dark and only dark becuse I like the color black and the power you get from it.
  6. Clay Gardell
    I'd say mine would be light, not only because without light there would be no darkness, but also because of a product of lightning, and fire... Light. So I believe light would be the over-all best element.
  7. Sarentai Kyoukan
    my fav would be wind...i love how u cant see it but u can feel it ^_^
  8. AnYue Tenjo
    I can't really decide but I'm really fond of dark and air.
  9. Animefreak12
    I love fire. Fire...red and flaming is awesome. It's powerful too...I guess I like the power of destruction...haha!
  10. KagamiTheQuiet
    Hmm... I like light, but I also like fire and water.... Hmm... But I think I'll stick with light~
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