evil souls

  1. mssesshomaru
    What do you think is the worst anime evil? I mean, there are so many of them, how do we know what is the absolute worst?
  2. Zerosan9000
    wel i only joined to answer this question but i must say it has to be a person that is doing evil and thinks there doing good cuz that hurts everyone even the person once they realize wat they have done and to me that has to be the absolute worst
  3. Corvus
    same as zero I'm only answering the question. The worst evil is the insane type because they'll never stop.
  4. yinyangAio1
    guess I'll add my two cents...I agree with these two. Insane people are not fun! Rapist aren't fun either...that's what I think...
  5. innocent
    hey guys..sure our spirit are few..there are few ppls that undrestand us..
  6. innocent
    i cant answer yet.....................................need to think about it
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