The fallen fox and wolf clan

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  1. toboe
    ya insted of coyotes we have wolves and for the snakes and spiders we dont realy have to worry about them because it is too cold in the winter. but in the summer we have a to worry about the "1" dangers spider we have up here and that is the brown recluce. ya anything that can hurt you up here you can see coming
  2. Furry Haseo
    Hi there. ^^ Glad i can join the club. Im Haseo or Furry Haseo if u prefer.
  3. Blair13
    Wow, not very dangerous up there. We have brown recluses down here too. I nearly got bitten by one but it was on my leg and I freaked and stabbed the crap out of it with a pencil. >.<
  4. Blair13
    Hi Haseo, my name is Blair. How are you doing today?
  5. toboe
    hey Furry Haseo what is up. hey so we seeing how dangeres our home states is how is yours with animals?

    we might not have snakes and spiders but alaska got below 0ยบ wether 1200 pound bears, moose bigger then your truck and every man woman and child has a gun of sum sort
  6. toboe
    lol what is sad is there is more bears in this state then people
  7. Blair13
    Lol, that is sad but I don't know, I wouldn't want to live in Alaska because of the cold. That might be because not many people do like the cold.
    At least your wildnerness isn't as tainted as ours though.
  8. toboe
    how is your animels tainted?? our is just wild hungry and dum because a bear will eat a moose in your drive way (sadly it happend in my driveway last year) the bright side is i did not have to go to work :
  9. toboe
    personly i would rather have the cold because you can alwas put more jackets on then you can take off you know
  10. Blair13
    Our animals are tainted because, well, I don't know, we don't have as much wilderness as you have in Alaska. Not enough forestry for them.
    Lol, a bear eating a moose in your driveway. Did it start to stink? Or rot?
    Well, as for the cold, yeah, you're right but I don't like to wear jackets all the time. XD It gets irritating to me.
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