The fallen fox and wolf clan

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  1. Blair13
    Lol, I can kind of tell. Everything is so friggin' huge.
  2. toboe
    so do you fish or hunt where you are at.. what do you do for fun down there
  3. toboe
    dont say you are a vegen or somthing like that and you dont like people who do that "sad face" sorry
  4. Jaxx
    Hey toboe. thanks for getting me started on this site and this clan. hope to talk to you all soon.
  5. neko nathaniel
    >> is a neko a furrie ? lol idk what a furrie is lol o i also have not fallen just like to make friends =^.^= lol
  6. toboe
    hey it is all cool so what is your favert anime migh i ask ????????????
  7. neko nathaniel
    ya lol i have alot like loveless,elfenlide,o my goddes lol i like the old ones
  8. toboe
    you like loveless sweet i finaly found someone else who dose. how far did you read?? i am only to the 4th book (cant wait to buy more)
  9. neko nathaniel
    lol thats funny im on the 4rth one to....sorta fownd it hot that the two girls made out at the end off book 4 lol if u want to call making out lol
  10. toboe
    tell me about it loveless is one of my faverits anouther one is wolf's rain anouther one that is a good one but i only found it as a show to watch not to read so that made me sad that i could not read it but it is still good. have you heard of it
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