f.f. (final fantasy)

  1. animekairi
    sooo.... whos ur fave f.f. character? Tell meh plz!!! btw sora iz sexy
  2. lessaangel
    lol my davorite f.f. charater is Aauron because he relates to me lol
  3. The Dragon God
    Lighting is my favorite character, she has a similar personality to me. For a guy, I say that and that she's awesome. I also like Yuna and Cloud as well.
  4. lessaangel
    hell ya all those characterz are bad ass and they can really kick some ass lol!
  5. animefreak150
    i like cloud the most... i think he's cool...hes always mellow and doesnt panic when something goes wrong
  6. Koron Fallin
    hard to pick, my top 4 r golbez, rikku, zidane, and lightning
  7. Rikka
    My Favorite FF character(s) are... Tifa Lockhart, Rikku, Penelope, Cloud Strife, Yuffie... I love all the characters from FF7 XD
  8. Princess Ashe
    i love cloud, he's gorous. he has to be my fave boy. my fave girl is a toss up between ashe and yuna
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