FMA worshiping

  1. FlameCerberus
    If you post in here,That means you WORSHIP FMA!
  2. BloodyRose13
    I LOVE FMA, Its one of the best anime's ever!! My favoret character is lust and Edward. they are awesome!
  3. FlameCerberus
    Fma is my #1 favorite anime ever and my 2 favorite characters are a couple!winry rockbell and edward elric!!! They are the best and cutest couple ever!!!
  4. lucifer kerosaki
    FMA is one of the best anime ever nxt to bleach. my fav characters are envy and edward.
  5. gummyman
    FMA is of epicness I love Edward and Alphonse Elric
  6. wishfulliving89
    love fma but love the brotherhood better just like the manga. my fav will be ed, roy, envy, ling, and the girl with the panda
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