lets GO!!!

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  1. Halo
    *a battlefield is in view, sevral helicopters looms over the horizon, as they get closer rockets fires from the ground below, taking out one chopper. the others manuver as more missiles fires as the choppers lands the armoured teams steps out and akes cover from heavy fire
    "sir! we're taking heavy fire!"
    "just get down and shut up, these are gears we're handleing"
    "can us spartans handel such power?"
    "bet ur a** we can! OPEN FIRE!"
  2. death13
    "bastards......." *Grabs longshot sniper and takes dead aim on the enemies* *starts blowing their brains out one-by-one*
  3. Halo
    *several spartans fall dead nearby as me and my lieutenent takes cover*
    "Crap, sniper"
    "where is it comming from sir?"
    "hold ur horses i'm looking"
    *i peek out and takes cover as bullets rain down on our position
    "these guys will just not stop shooting"
    "they will run out eventually"
  4. death13
    a few gears charge the spartans, lancers and gnasher shotguns in hand killing every spartan they see, covered in the enemies blood they still continue fighting. One soldier exclaims "Mother F*cker! They're everywhere!" "Give em everything you got gears!" *the massacre continues*
  5. Halo
    *the spartans fire back and hold thier positions*
    "god d*** our numbers r depleting quickly!"
    "don't worry, the heavy duty calvary would be here eta 15 minutes, just hold them off until they get here,"
    "yes sir!"
    *the spartans shoots at the gears with everything they got, bullets, lasers and plasma gernades*
  6. death13
    Another squad of gears backs them up and some reinforcements start covering them.
  7. Halo
    "sir! their reinforcements have arrived first!"
    "damn, just keep holding them, our reinforcements r almost here!"
  8. death13
    more long shot snipers are firing at the spartans from a distance as the gears stab slash shoot and chainsaw their way through the spartan army.
  9. Halo
    *i look at my lieutent* okay we fall back a bit and stay in the shadows, lets go now! *we fall back and hid in the woods
  10. death13
    Sniper takes aim on lieutent's head and pulls trigger splattering his head like a squashed grape all over the wall behind you.
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