GFX Artists

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  1. Sazuka
    Who said I loved it?
  2. iluvmyloser
    Eeeek...Eeeek....Eeeeek!!!!!!! I love digital art...Im not good at sigs, buttttt, I give it a try ^-^
  3. Sazzy
    you were the first person I could think of Saz.....
  4. FLawEdmiNd
    wow, you think i'm good like you guys?
    so does anyone else thing its totally time for a new AO banner?
  5. Spin Da Ish
    lol, "watch out weakest link COMING THROUGH!'
    Who invited me? Thx anyways nice group
  6. Ichiya Yuka
    waw....i always dreamin' if i can be a member of a graphic group *LOL*
    ah...thx for invite me...
    who invited me?
  7. Sazzy
    I invited everyone :P because You all take the time to do SOTW :P

    As for the new banner... I dunno maybe we should start designing a new layout full stop :P
  8. equinn
    yeah it really needs an update!! thanks for the add too ^__^ b
  9. anime_8000
    Finally my gfx skills have been reconized. Thanx for the invite
  10. zyta
    *stumbles in and yawns* what's up everyone?

    I've been in a GFX slump as of late... ^^\
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