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  1. zyta
    @Anime: if you can give me some links to scans that you'd like rendered I'd be more than happy to render it for you.
  2. Sazzy
    I am not familar with Manga studio inking.......... ooooh that reminds me....I've still yet to finish my image of Hikari and Kei.
  3. _gwenibe_
    omg! I forgot about these group things ^^;;; I'm here now!! LOL

    anywho, for those who haven't seen yet, trying to revive the battle arena a little bit - so enter this comp ^^ would love to create a tourny later on if there is enough interest! I'm open for ideas too!
  4. Sazzy
    Don't worry about forgetting, I still pop in every now and then
  5. Pyro Psycho
    I forgot ;;

    Hmm any projects yet though? I've been aching to get on something ;;
  6. anime_8000
    What do you think about a Vectors section in the gallery.
  7. Pyro Psycho
    That would be a great idea! I find myself vectoring a lot these days ... why not?
  8. anime_8000
    Hopeful we can get someone else to agree a Pyro. Oh I'm loving the Soul Eater avi.. Maka Maka.
  9. Sazzy
    I've only managed to make one whole vector and that was of myself..... I would do more but its sooooo time consuming.
  10. Pyro Psycho
    I have no life. I have all the time in the world. It's sad, really.
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