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  1. Shinku no kage
    *Random appearance*

    Since things seem to be dying down here's a little news I found today. Apparently "Shonen JUMP" is holding a cover art contest. They got somewhat of a decent prize pack from what I've read. A nice collection of art supplies, etc.

    Just thought that the people here of the GFX clan might have somesort of interest in the matter~

    You do have a life, a life here at AO...if you can call that a life at all. Muwahahahahaha~....though its not like I'm one to talk. (-_-);;;
  2. anime_8000
    Aren't we all the same and I can really relate to you Pyro... a little (*_*)??
  3. anime_8000
    Ohhhhh! Do you have a link to it Shinku-sama ( =>_<=).
  4. Shinku no kage
  5. anime_8000
    Well it seems interesting enough for me to join. It's so time consuming.
  6. Pyro Psycho
    ..... they have to be in May 1, 2008? O.o;;; Are they from the past?
  7. Shinku no kage
    LOLS, you're right Pyro. Its either an typo or they just updated the page they used last year and didnt bother fixing everything.

  8. Sazzy
    I need reminders to check this group out, even though I'm the one who started it T__T

    *is a bad group leader*
  9. Shinku no kage
    ...its not like that there's a whole lot going on, both in here and AO as a whole....orz
  10. anime_8000
    Feels like the forum just died we need something to spice it up a little. Any suggestions people.
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