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  1. zyta
    Cake and ice cream to all elite members on up *nod* that'd be some people posting.
  2. anime_8000
    Ahh no fair zyta-san I'm still community member. Me want ice cream and cake too.
  3. _gwenibe_
    LOL don't worry Saz! I keep forgetting to check this place too T__T


    humm... I feel like making another contest..... *goes and brainstorm ideas*
  4. Shinku no kage
    Why not try the wallpaper contests again? On that note I just remembered that one time we even did a cellphone wallpaper contest as well. Maybe that's something to think about?

    We can always add prizes too...just dont look at me.

    <- is cheap.
  5. _gwenibe_
    well I was thinking a one off contest..atm anyways. Unless there was a demand for it...I'd consider starting up a Wallpaper of the month maybe?

    It just seems too quite around here lately to start anything..
  6. zyta
    I blame my laziness, but if someone asks me to join a contest i will, doesn't matter what.
  7. anime_8000
    We all know how the WOTM ended (inactive members). That's how it ended. Is was to time consuming to wait a whole month to vote on just one design.
  8. _gwenibe_
    well, it was wallpaper of the fortnight when we had it. I presumed that it was too short for people to enter something.

    How about I start a one off wallpaper contest? I've already got a theme in mind
  9. Pyro Psycho
    Ooooh sounds good to me Gwennie, I want to make wallpapers for contests since I couldn't before ... <3
  10. _gwenibe_
    and now you can pryo xD >contest<

    hope the theme doesn't scare ppl away T.T, idk about any one else..but I find text the hardest thing to get right xD
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