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  1. Sazzy
    hummmmm I could help with the WOTM.... i've got a lot of idea's :P

    Also I was wonder in the gallery... what would digital art be classes as???? I've done a lot of photoshopping recently and I don't really wanna put it in the members misc ...
  2. Pyro Psycho
    I put mine in Fan Art Sazzy ... I think they should make another category there for Digital art. Which brings a topic! Should there be a Digital art section in the gallery? %D I say yes! I spend my whole time on it!
  3. Sazzy
    I know you have, I've seen them on Deviant Pyro :P

    Maybe we should suggest it in the feedback section because some of us who are serious about GFX would appreciate a decent section
  4. Pyro Psycho
    Yes! I say we should! Hmm but who would be the one to make the thread though?
  5. Sazzy
    hummmmmm if I were to make it I would suggest the section doesn't allowed downloading. To help with permissions and copyright. And of course it would have no size restriction. I dunno who should start though. If I suggest it them maybe it would look like it is going to happen rather than asking for it.....
  6. Renn
    I need help. It seems I'm getting a bit better making sigs but what bugs me the most is when I'm adding the text. My text always throws off the feeling of the siggy. Can anyone help me?? >.<
  7. zyta
    Don't add text or perhaps try looking for new text fonts and then playing around with some effects like twisting it, or adding a contour.
  8. Renn
    Sometimes it really needs text and I finally did find some decent font but only like two. *sigh* Anyone know some good font?? (I feel weird for asking for help so much...)
  9. anime_8000
    Why don't you just search for some on I gotta thank Shinku for that site.
  10. Sazzy
    the best thing when using text is to use a clear font. Something Like Century Gothic, Veranda, Tahoma, or if you have Vista or Windows 7 Segui UI works well ^__^

    I did make a tutorial about the placement of text... I thought I posted it..
    [Photoshop] Signature Text Tips Tutorial
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