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  1. Renn
    I like to use stock images now rather than renders. T_T But now I have all of these renders in my folders that will never be used. I just can't delete them though. >.<

    I actually do make many sigs but I never put them on here(mostly because there is way to many and they all have certain theme. Tales series theme to be exact. I'm a die-hard fan of the series.)

    I'm actually thinking about the whole 'colouring manga' thing. It looks cool.
  2. Sazzy
    blahhhh the AO sig size is really bugging me T____T I did a sig in like 260x300 and it looks cool but when I set it to 130x200 it looked really bad. I have to rearrange the signature just so it doesn't look bad T________T

    or is it just me?
  3. _gwenibe_
    I tend just to make it in the size needed rather than resizing it. And that's part the reason why I don't have a sig at the moment, I've been making sigs (and wallpapers) in larger sizes and going to smaller is a challenge to me at the moment xD

    we are a gfx group with no pictures?!?! lol anyone mind if I do a banner thing for this group : D y'know just to fill up the group pictures space with something lol
  4. Sazzy
    no, I don't mind at all go for it Gwenibe
  5. zyta
    At the least, I'd love to change the SOTW size limit rules to something more fitting for me as well, something along the number of AV's limit (500 x 200) even though I'm more of a 400 x 160 or 200 myself
  6. atomik_sprout
    @zyta: Problem with that is that if you're using a bigger size for SOTW, other users are gonna want bigger signatures. I'm just fine with 400 x 150 or 500 x 150. Then again, I just made a new sig today and I was wishing for more space because, I got all these renders I was gonna use for it and ran out of space, so now there's three usless renders taking up space with all my other unused renders, LOL.
  7. Sazzy
    I think i set the Sig size limits bigger for SOTW.
  8. Renn
    Where is everyone?!?! T___T Some talk or Renny will be forced to talk to herself here and you do not want that to happen.

    Maybe we should ahve another contest thing or something along those lines, eh?
  9. anime_8000
    Me too, me too I wanna help too gwenie. I have Photoshop CS3 Extended so we can collab the project. Can I please?
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