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  1. anime_8000
    Maybe some one should talk to CB about the AO banner, I mean that's it start with DB right.
  2. Sazzy
    well I don't see why we can just do a context for Banners that portray AO. I can mention it to CB.

    I really wouldn't mind working on a layout for AO, if I knew what CSS was like. But thats just me looking for practise in CSS coding.
  3. Shinku no kage
    What am I doing here!? I havent been doing any GFX work in quite sometime...I just cant seem to get myself to work.

    As for the new banner ideas and such I say we could ask CB, Hellsing, and DB about it...even though the current banners arent THAT old (its been what? 6 months?)

    Well seeya folks around in the forums.
  4. Sazzy
    But shinku, like I said, you still take part in SOTW and your a gallery mod too, its only fitting that we have gallery mods here in this group.
  5. anime_8000
    So in other words Sasu and Gwen should be here to. Why don't we just give the AO banners a little more before we ask the Admins, I'd say about 3 more months. And AO skin could use an update but you know admins said it cost money and unless your willing to donate some cash it just ain't happenin.
  6. Sazuka
    I don't think it costs extra money. The banners were just changed, they probably wont undergo another metamorphosis until next year.
  7. anime_8000
    I mean AO's skin will cost money. But the banners might need a little more time.
  8. Sazzy
    it only costs to get a pre-made skin. Otherwise, its free if you make it yourself And with so many great GFX artists.. all we need is someone to code the skin.. which isn't hard to do.
  9. equinn
    i thouht u would still need tp pay sazzy? but i know nothing abouy coding i think i know someone on ao who can though
  10. Sazzy
    I don't think you need to pay to make your own skin usable. I can code, As I am doing web design while I am not working... when I am not playing games... when I am not talking :P
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