GFX Artists

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  1. Gekkou
    *waves* hi can i be in the fun too? i promise i behave....really i do
  2. Sazuka
    Just don't put your shoes on the couch.
  3. Ichiya Yuka
    may i promote something?? XP
    *forgive me...forgiveness ==*
  4. equinn
    ok cool sazzy well then i cant wait to get started
  5. anime_8000
    Sure Ichi if you have any open suggestions then there fine by us. I'm pretty sure you'll do one hell of a job Bu-Chan the skins I've seen you made are awesome. Oh and I'll see if I can make a banner if this group (if it fits) if it ok with you guys.
  6. Ichiya Yuka
    hem...i'll promote it later... we're goin' to change this forum layout?
  7. equinn
    yeah i belive so!

    if anyone knows anything on what needs done dont be shy u can pm me or what ever with sizes etc and ill try get them posted up here on photobucket links or somthing ^^
  8. Sazzy
    Well I prefer to use imageshack as it is faster and can hold bigger images.

    Anime - I am glad you like the skins. My forums needs a new one so I can get an idea from making that later.

    But anyway, if we are going to make a new skin, should it be lighter or darker??
  9. anime_8000
    I'm thinking darker ,but that my opinion. What do you guys think?
  10. Sazzy
    Anyone else going to reply???
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