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  1. koga23
    Why not stay dark ? since it has been like that over the years.But then again it never to late for change and lighting it up might be for the better. I am sorta for something not to dark but not to light..Not much help eh ?

    Oh yes i am here ;P
  2. Sazuka
    I like the color of it now. I don't want it to be white at least.
  3. koga23
    Wasn't it white at one time before ? And i agree not white that would be a little to bright for AO.
  4. Pyro Psycho
    Wow, my first day back in a long time and I'm invited here xD;; Sorry I haven't been making many graphics but will hop on it right away, my dears!
  5. anime_8000
    Glad to see you made it Pyro we all missed you. So about the skin anyone else has any ideas.
  6. Sazzy
    so this place is dead now???

    did I say something wrong?
  7. Sazuka
  8. FLawEdmiNd
    holy crizzzap!
    i totally flaked on the group thang.
    But certainly no this place isn't dead.
  9. Sazzy
    lol "United we stand, together we fall"
  10. anime_8000
    We're just waiting for something exciting to happen.
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