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  1. Sazzy
    I am not allowed a hamster. My mum won't allow any pets except our two tiny glass cat fish.
  2. Sazzy
    Ok GFX people!!!

    if you could, would you prefer the sig limit to be increased to 200 x 400 or keep it as it is???

    I've personally be having troubles with the sig limit after starting to make sigs at 200 x 400. Am i the only one?
  3. equinn
    it would be cook that sazzy ^^ get alot more in lol ^^

    and my hamster would eat u all!! OMG!! XDD
  4. anime_8000
    200x400 or 400x130, so many choices but it might seem cool to the sig limits increased.
  5. anime_8000
    Why not just make the 400x200 instead.. you'll have make room to work with the renders.
  6. Sazzy
    see thats I would prefer, if you've seen my recent signature/tag work I find 200x400 so much more easier to work with.
  7. Sazuka
    I don't mind the current restrictions.
  8. Pyro Psycho
    Agreed with Sazuka.
    I like it better to fit smaller dimensions, big signatures are just too much.....
  9. equinn
    they might be too much but they look a whole lot better tbh u can get moreinto them.... but we have a size limit on how much it can hold dont we??

    but i dont mind i would like them abit bigger tho...
  10. Violent
    Your newest and greatest loser has just joined!

    * Twiddles his thumbs *
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