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  1. anime_8000
    Welcome to the club Violent. Have a cup tea champ. But seroiusly, even if we do get the signature limits changed who going to comfirm it with the Administrators. And also what's up with the banners deal and AO's new skin people. Has anyone confirmed that yet.
  2. Sazzy
    I haven't really been able to fully work out what format vBulletin skins are in. I am guessing similar to PHP CSS formats but I am not really sure.

    As for getting the sig limit changed I guess we would have to talk to Trunks as he is the most active. However, maybe we should push for the change in the new year or around Christmas time.
  3. Shinku no kage
    Its been quite a while since I've popped my head in here, sorry. ^^;

    So whats going on now? New sig limits and skins? I'm always for Sazzy's 400 x 200, its not that I hate the 400 x 130 but 400 x 200 would give me that little extra space that I've always felt that I needed. As for skins...I dont really care either ways. ^^; Although I guess we could use new banners as its almost been a year since we had the current ones.
  4. Pyro Psycho
    Welcome to the place Vio, you know......I was thinking I could come back to officially making sigs. I've been vectoring waaaaay too much. Maybe a well needed rest is needed from vectoring. There are some things I want to try.....No doubt about new rotation banners. There are getting old.
  5. Rave_Grip
    OooOoo I wonder why I took so long to come here.
    After my HSC, I'll be moving to C4d's, Rave style ...
  6. anime_8000
    So by Christmas time the site will have Christmas banners right? Or will we have banners for ever holiday such as Halloween, New Year's, Valentine's Day, ect.
  7. Shinku no kage
    Hmmm, an X-mas banner not be a bad idea. Same goes for a New Years version. Kinda late for Halloween as thats today...or should I've said its a year too early now? LOLs. Valentines? Bah, screw it. w(=3=)w

    Lets see how Cowboy Bebop and Hellsing feel about it as well as the rest of the staff.
  8. Violent
    Sazzy vB's skin format is CSS and images to go along with it, vB made their skinning process very easy.

    I might end up making one in my free time I have made a few just for fun.
  9. Sazzy
    hummm I will have to study more into the layout of vB skins as I have made skins for Invisionfree forums etc.
  10. equinn
    well i have no clue whats goin on atm but if theres anything i can do let me know ^^
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