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  1. Shinku no kage
    So...should we just go ahead and have a little contest of our own here for the AO "Magazine"(blog) banner?

    Not sure if CB will make it an official contest so...
  2. FLawEdmiNd
    Well, there is gonna be a contest.. I bet that I win and put you all to shame!
  3. anime_8000
    Ok Flawed your on let's see ya got.. I'm going wipe the floor with you. Oh and Shinku I believe that CB will it a official contest seeing as all of us are coming up with little ideals and making big changes here on AO.
  4. Pyro Psycho
    Lulz, I'll have to partake of this contest if it's official.
  5. Rave_Grip
    Haha, I hope it becomes official.
  6. Sazzy
    I guess I wouldn't mind having a go... but it depends on how much free time i have. I already far behind in my studies because I am working too much because I am a complete idiot and said i could do 5 shifts a week.
  7. Shinku no kage
    Seems like CB gave an OK for an official contest, now we just wait for him or someone else to go ahead and make a thread or whatever on it...what? Dont look at me. ;d
  8. Shinku no kage
    A question for the GFX enthusiastic members:
    Do you, or rather would you like to see more GFX type contests be held here?

    I for one am THINKING of trying to revive the wallpaper contest, but this time instead of a fortnight I'd say make it a monthly thing as time seemed to be one of the big factors in the small participation.

    I'm also thinking of an "fan art" contest. Something in the area of choosing a theme, like a specific anime or character and each contestant draws it in their own style. Doesnt matter if its BW or colored. But the problem with this is that only so many people here seem to have access to a scanner so...sure, they could draw something on the PC but not all people have tablets or have the talent of drawing w/ mouse so...

    Just throwing it out here, feedbacks are appreciated. If you have your own ideas than feel free to let it be heard...or read, whatever. ;d
  9. anime_8000
    Me being an artist and all I think this is a idea.. though I've been able to compete in the wallpaper contests I wouldn't mind joining in for the fan art section either.
  10. Pyro Psycho
    I would be a so go for the wallpapers, but I can't do wallpapers on account of all the crap I have in my computer *coumusicghs*
    Though sounds interesting overall. Damn, I need an external hard drive.
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