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  1. FLawEdmiNd
    I'm crazy down for any new contest.. except the drawing ones seeing as my drawing skills are worse than equinn's hamster's. i did like the wotf though, any amount of time over two days is enough tough

    What about artist of the month or something? A highlight on the artist and like, an interview. We could evolve the wotf into an LP contest instead and take away the cap of wallpaper format. Photo of the week? PhotoMANIP of the week? Grunge-a-thon... something to do with avatars; I can keep going but I think that's enough. Maybe.

    I'm happy with any new thing though, like a kid with one of those stupidly big lollipops.
  2. anime_8000
    I don't think anyone's gonna make the thread for the contest unless I should... Oh does anyone where can score some anime vectors with transparent backgrounds aside from Anime Vector.
  3. Pyro Psycho
    You just have to make an account there. Le sigh, what happened goiz?
  4. FLawEdmiNd
    Oprah mind control.
    photobucket is an okay site for renders. though, lots of the images are just 3-d stuff people made, and some crocodile.
  5. Rave_Grip
    What's the cost for CS4? Some 100K?
  6. Sazzy
    Anime - have you looked on Anime paper?? They have quiet a few vectors but you need to be a member and have enough papers/credits to download.
  7. anime_8000
    I would if they let me register on the damn thing.
  8. Sazzy
    hummmmmmm well I am a member there anything I could help with???
  9. KeitaChan
    Are you familiar with manga studio inking? I need help with that... and lots of issues with anatomy.
  10. anime_8000
    Never heard of it. Please state your problem my good friend.
    @Sazzy: If you could get me any Kanokon vectors or renders, it would be absolute.
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