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  1. Blair13
    Wow, it has been two and a half months since my last post. That's sad people. Really....
  2. Blair13
    Nya............................................... .........
  3. demonicloud
    been around for a while, but havent posted. Nice to be back with all of you. My fav would be doujin games as well, but other than that, it's all final fantasy baby!!!
  4. Blair13
    Final Fantasy is my favorite, meep! I've got FF12 and Final Fantasy !0-2 and Final Fantays 7, and I've played those plus Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. Blargh!!! I can't get enough of Final Fantasy!
  5. demonicloud
    I feel your pain. The only downfall is ff 11, it didnt really kick off as an online game and faded into obscurity, but ff14 seems to be an advancement. They seem to be making it like ff11 so that may make up the mistake. I have everything final fantasy, the ultimate collection I say, and will always be a ff fan. I even took a quiz and found out that my character that Im like most is cloud.
  6. Blair13
    Lol, I'm mostly like Tifa. It's weird but that is also my nickname, what people know me by because my full name is Tiffany. It fits.
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