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  1. PhoenixSara
    Lich! i like the warcraft pix!all about strategy i guess lol
  2. LichGRIFFIN
    yup that's right ,lol though making then small was a pain in the butt -,- bit yup
  3. koga23
    Dear god i am surrounded by noobs ! Kill me now !! XD, Eh we need moar pictures hmm maybe i should upload a few of F.E.A.R....
  4. NevesElocin
    Gah!!!! DO NOT DO THAT! I will freaking die and you know it!
  5. koga23
    Ok ok i wont just for you..Tho the picture i was going to upload wasn't scary at all :P
  6. Zerosan9000
    ok ppl i got a question what is your fav type of game cuz mine is rpgs i love the story and strategy
  7. koga23
    Ill play just about anything as long as it keeps my interest and there is a good story line to go with the graphics.
  8. LichGRIFFIN
    @ Koga : Noob? you are!! *yay!! runs away!* ;p
    sheesh -_-; anyways i like any game that's either Strategic or Action ,i'm not that much into RPG games ,though i participate in AO's writing RPG lol
  9. LichGRIFFIN
    @ Koga : i can't see your pics ;p ,maybe you were scared of the pics yourself ,lol
  10. Zerosan9000
    lol has anyone played fire emblem:sacred stones its realy good
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