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  1. SlayerX666
    Man i love Fire emblem that game is so sweet have you ever played Super Smash Bros Melee its got Roy and Marth in it
  2. koga23
    @Lich: Hell no i am no noob you are So die ! -.- XD, Anyway i never uploaded them thats why you cant see them.
  3. Zerosan9000
    yea thats one of the best games out for now roy rocks but link is better
  4. SlayerX666
    I know link rules hes my favorite dude i use his arrows to annoy my friends
  5. Zerosan9000
    link has been my fave char since the old ssb i still have the one for the n64
  6. LichGRIFFIN
    too bad the pics can't be uploaded with higher resolutions or bigger widths ... but still nice zero-san (reminded me of Zero-sama from Code Geass!!)
  7. LichGRIFFIN
    @ Koga : No i won't ,i'll give you an order i'm Alaa li brittania order you to die (have you watched Code Geass? ;p)
  8. Zerosan9000
    i still havent seen it yet but i guess theres no time like the present
  9. koga23
    @Lich: Your asking for it, i take no orders from no one. XD ( Na not yet busy with other things)
  10. Corvus
    You guys seem to be the kind of people that I normally associate with... so Hi.
    I know you guys are rooted in the Nintendo system and game groups but you really should be thankful to Final Fantasy.
    Fact of the day:
    The name Final Fantasy came about because it was going to be Nintendo's last game before they sold out. Luckily it was fantastic and everyone bought it and loved it enough to try the other awesome and classic titles that came right after it.
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