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  1. Zerosan9000
    hey i kno that fact loland i love the finaly fantasy games btw wats your fav mine is 10
  2. LichGRIFFIN
    @both Koga & Zero : then you should once you got the time ,it's a combination of darker than black ,the vision of escaflowne and Hack//roots ,lol.
  3. LichGRIFFIN
    btw ,which do you think is better DMC3 or DMC4 ?
  4. Zerosan9000
    well 4 only cuz of its flow its really smooth and it looks good too
  5. Corvus
    ok, my fav of the final fantasy series is a tie between VII and X
    On the code geass thing, isn't his name lelouch? It's a good series and I'm currently keeping up with the translations of R2 as well. Some of the things they do are simply genius.
  6. LichGRIFFIN
    yeah that's what i liked mostly about it .. a lot of things were so unpredictable! lol
  7. demonicloud
    I only liked final fantasy vii, but im biased, but i dont care, nice to meet you all!
  8. Zerosan9000
    lol wow well welcome newcomer and i like all of the final fantasy series but X is my fav
  9. Corvus
    Newcomer.... ouch =P Not even a name and this is comming from Zero... I better go to the cornerstore and buy some rep. lol jp

    I like the stories for both although ten does have batter gameplay. I have yet to actually see a battle system that I like though. I like the idea of interactive magics like L.O.D. and battle systems that can be customised (including npc character priorities while the main character (or char of your choice) is completely controlled by you like .hack but with more options. My friends tell me I should become a designer that way I'd either understand how hard it really is, or else make it happen for them =P. I say they're pretty smart.
  10. koga23
    Newcomer ? Pfff ....Noobs ! i count at least six in here...... I need a new game Lich ill steal one of
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