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  1. iluvmyloser
    @.@ I am scared of you people..then again...I should care why...Oh yeah...LICH Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mean koga...
  2. koga23
    @iluv - so ?

    @ Overload- sorry no can do
  3. overload
    *takes the soul forcefully and places it in his jar*
    hey look essence of LichGriffin...

    Mwhahahaha... It is very good on toast.
  4. iluvmyloser
  5. demonicloud
    yo, anythng new that I missed or has everything been the same, power to the darkness!
  6. NevesElocin
    Same ole same ole. Looking at the recent conversations is intriguing though. I shall watch the show.
  7. Additionalanime1
    Hi im new hear and I havent made any friends!(Crying)
  8. Blair13
    Hi, *bows* I'm Blair, nice to meet you all. How are you?
  9. demonicloud
    Nice to meet you blair, Im demonicloud, What brought you to here?
  10. demonicloud
    *to additionalanime1* I'll be your friend, Everyone needs friends lately, but I'll gladly help.
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