guilty gear

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  1. aka tanken
    aka tanken
    small group, eh? thanx for the invite though. who's ur fav. character?
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    hey tanken. how have u been, haven't talked to u in a while since u moved. i thought u died or something. ok... got to stay on topic. my fav. character would be sol,chipp, but i love all the characters.
  3. Genma758
    well everyone. didnt see this coming at all....... sol-x this has to be ur doing huh? oh i guess not well u have some part in this i bet. um well i love jam she is beautiful, awsome,fast,intelligent, and she is a great cook. and a great fighter as well
    so i have been hearing things about a GG movie? is this true?
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    i don't want to repeat myself so... im copying what i said in the g.g thread.

    really, there is a movie of g.g. when i first ask this question i saw a trailer on youtube. it turned out to anime preview in one of the games. or something like that.i look at one place it says there isn't any. on site said it was released dec. 2004 in the states. i went to arc systems works and sammy(the publishers of the game) websites, and it was in japanese so that didn't help out. so now i am just baffled.

    please anyone who can read japanese please tell me.



    the japanese site verison of sammy seems to have more info than the english.
  5. Genma758
    good cause i wanna see this gg movie. but how come you think its so hard to find?
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    i don't think it exists i think people got that small video that kinda tells why they fight.
    and i read that the video they released on 2004 was a g.g. tournament of people playing.
  7. Genma758
    you think people are just messin with our heads? cause if they are i sure am messed up.... i dont get it there has to be one
  8. Genma758
    ive seen that video that is not what i was gonna see it came from guilty gear 2 reloaded i belive. i have seen that video it was for the xbox version of guilty gear thats no movie but it could be. its supposed to be the opening to gg 2 reloaded but its more anime than game
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    a user by the name of Amshel said " =O I've actualy seen this movie at my aunts house, bad voice acting for sol and ky for me, but my favorite scene is Jam's massive brawl in the resturant, tis why I love Jam so much." in the g.g thread. so i guess its a different one.
  10. Avatar theif#1
    hows it going people!!! It's nice to meet you. look forward to getting to know you.
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