Gun Action Ninja Killin Club (G.A.N.K)

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  1. garhett
    looking for anyone who would love to join and add to this group.
  2. Hypercat2000
    i joined just today, i hope this group will get more people.
  3. garhett
    me too but we aren't getting any people what should we do
  4. tokini
    sweet i love guns and ninjas..!can we blow stuff up too!!?
  5. Hypercat2000
    i say, put it on your sig. so people can see it when you post.
  6. garhett
    yes we can tokini whatever you think off that is cool we can do it and i am gonna do that hypercat
  7. tokini
    ....what? ..........yay we get to blow stuff up!!!!! *blowing up school and hitting people with car im driving*hahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. Hypercat2000
    Cool, I am a pyro, so i love to make things explode, and i like fire!!!!!
  9. tokini
    i love guns and swords and kitchen knives!!!!!!!!!!!! sharp and fast....i love the wind but i can't paint it....
  10. tokini
    i love dragons aswell
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