critical thinking

  1. Commonality
    we all have hobbies...whether its exercising or showing an interest in anime, some folks don't want to listen to the truth and some run.but that means that they'll never be stronger or more responsible,all it means is that they'll never get anywhere...i want all of us to travel the same way but not on the same road...
  2. Namine
    I can't help but to agree with what you say. A lot of people I know run. They just can't face the truth. And they will do everything they can to keep their future families from it as well and that will weaken their family ties and prove just how irresponsible they are being. We do need to travel the same way, it is the only way life will get easier. But if we travel the same road life will become pointless. We will be the same.......and lose our selves in the process.
  3. Princess Ashe
    mmmm... same here... my brother runs from the truth i however wish nothing more than to face it...however hard it is.
  4. Clay Gardell
    Here is a poem I've read from somwhere, but I can't remember who wrought it.
    ~To roads diverge in a wood
    One on right, worn from many travelers
    One on the left, not nearly as used
    Me, being different, take the one less traveled on.~
  5. Namine
    Man, that poem sure is deep. And it really describes life. Poeple tend to do pretty much the same things. Only a few do things differently. In my opinion, you need to take chances and do things a bit more differently than people as a whole. But thats just my opinion.
  6. Darkbird the Scarred
    One must constantly bring in new pieces to the game of life in order to keep it entertaining and unpredictable. When it is not these, the game tends to get boring.
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