Hyper Persona's

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  1. crazy canadin emo kid
    true true but what is the meaning of crazy tho i mean like what is my crazzy
  2. yinyangAio1
    Crazy is as Crazzy does as Forrest Gump said...wait no he said Stupid is as Stupid does...oh well! hehehe
  3. crazy canadin emo kid
    well what i was saying thare are many forms of crazzy see me im hyper crazy
  4. PhoenixSara
    there are different levels or carzyness lol i guess it depends on each personality
  5. crazy canadin emo kid
    so whar is yours then me im just hyper its me hahahahahahahaha
  6. PhoenixSara
    am still a bit crazy i guess and hyper sometimes too many personalities clashing with each other.
  7. crazy canadin emo kid
    hahahahahhaah i see sweet well i think its the same for me too
  8. Sazzy
    I am a bit loopy seeing as no one even posted another image yet...... but still posting random comments i see :P
  9. crazy canadin emo kid
    i cant do that caz my comp. is wack and me so yah every thing i touch is crazy so i cant srooy
  10. PhoenixSara
    : cry: i think i can't wait for the long weekend this time***all this work is making me absent minded. ****
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