1. animekairi
    So, you guys, (and girls) i think its time i get some suggestions from u guys! try it!
  2. 01marth
    Suggwetions wat kind if i may ask ur not putting details wat u need for a an ideal lol
  3. animekairi
    well, just suggestions like what we should do 4 fun or contests! BTW u r like the most active member, so i really appreciate it. thnx!
  4. 01marth
    Well of course i always on no matter wat it take and just killing time and beside the other ppl really dont care for this kind of thing because there nothing to gain but for it always something to gain without knowing and contest sound fun wat do u have in mind
  5. animekairi
    Wow really good job, marth! if i were there i wuld give yhu a big hug!!! lol >.< -^^-
  6. 01marth
    U did not anwser the question but thx but i take a hug a other day lol
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