Devil Fruit

  1. Clay Gardell
    If you could have any Devil Fruit power, what would it be? I'd have to choose a Speed Speed power. Because if your too fast you can't be hit, and in return you can make quick, repetitive hits.
  2. Takeru Isshi
    well I like that idea but me personally I like how resourceful the gomu gomu no mi is so I'd choose that one but if I had to choose another one it would be a zoan fruit that turns me into a devil fruit called the draco draco no mi it turns me into a dragon ^^
  3. Clay Gardell
    I understand. A bad thing about having Speed Speed would be if you tripped, I mean, Say your running 200mph and tripped, skidding across the ground in a little heap...ouch.
  4. Takeru Isshi
    yeah also if you just train enough you can use soru(shave) which is pretty much the same thing except you can still swim
  5. firelordryuuko
    mmm if it were me....I'd pick the power to contorl fire (like ace) ^.^
  6. firelordryuuko
    I it just me or don't you think they are going to pull something competlly werid on one piece like a genetic experiment or some thing>.>
    that would be kinda cool, like some one who was engineered to hanlde more than one devil fruit(not like blackbeard)...or something but at a cost
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