1. Princess Ashe
    introduce yourself here, tell us your name and a little about yourself.
    my name is ashe and i am your host. *curties*
  2. Koron Fallin
    ok, first person to reply to this...lol hello im Koron, and i have played almost all the kingdom hearts, only one i havent is Birth by Sleep
  3. animeboi12
    ok im tj
    and half through kingdom hearts re chain of memeries
  4. FoFo
    Heeeeeeeey everyone my name is FoFo it's not my name it's my nickname
    I started playing "Kingdom Hearts" six months ago cuz my uncle was such an ADDICT on it
  5. animeboi12
    hey fofo
    im tj
    and i started playing kingdom hearts since 02
    and i have gotten far on it too
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