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  1. anonymous
    im kunaari,a local 15 year old chuunin.our time takes place when naruto leaves the village.we are the shinobi to protect the village in his absence.im from the rora clan.
  2. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    name:Zeroshi Dai-nichi

    age: 20

    personality type: loner but has the heart of a true warrior yet unlcked but is seen buy those of great power as the hokages a grand asset to the village

    back storie: born of the grand zeroshi clan a clan who is marked and born with a third eye on there forehead for a unknown reason dai-nichi was born to the head branch of the family there clan specializes in chakra manipulation but also have a born "Kekkei Genkai" once the third eye on there head opens: condition:" once they have reached a certain level of experience and age it opens"they gain the ability to control time flow and randomize jutsu of any kind and sort out its weakness..as like neji and itachi he was born the genius of his clan because from the day he was born his eye was already open and the elders of the clan saw this as a sign of the boy grand unlocked potential so he was enrolled in the academy along beside that of uchiha itachi they were friend but dai-nichi was always some step's behind itachi but kept up and even graduated with him and every thing but didn't join the ambu instead became a jonin instead and before they went there separate ways they battled all out and he surpassed itachi he made his sharingan look like a fool and he tried to activated his mangekyo but dai-nichi time control stopped that so they called it a well match and separated before itachi's dark dead of destroying his clan

    chakra color: green

    taijutsu: its was one he created buy him self with the training he did when mastering his third eye called uritosombai (ur-e-to-some-bai) its a form of heavenly fist and mantis style combined with extreme taijutsu the basis of learning this you must first learn how to counter balance your chakra control be able to push it out your body at the right moment of collision with your opponent then start to gradually increase till you moves are like mirror images that seem to be repeating them selves but its just that he moving so fast it looks that way buy you do feel the punches or kicks of the mirror images to

    Jutsu: eclipse of crescent darkness: activates eye and forces the you in to a genjutsu where as though your in eternal darkness and out of no where you get bum barded with crescent shaped kunai that are laced with chakra so he can control then and when he finishes them he combines them and hits you and the end

    kabalahs rain: summons a giant statue that falls from heaven the pummels you with 8 arms each with a different type of weapon

    time warp blast: uses his time abilities to force a centuries time blast through your body to make it feel as though you've been attack and felt the horrible pain for years in cases of week wills and stamina can cause fatal deaths

    gaze of the phoenix: uses the hand sign of fire combined with his eye he can place his eyes gaze on
    and then instantly the enemies burst into flames and is burned beyond recognition

    Green fire tsunami: uses his chakra manipulation ability then he charges the chakra in his hands till they resemble flames then lunges them into the ground which then erupts into one massive fire tsunami which he can will an control size and movement

    Blood puppet: his eyes most lethal move his eye gazes upon you then he combine that with the chaka manipulation then he controlls your body he can clot make it thin thick or cut it all off you become his no willed puppet then..part two or the other version is he makes his blood into clones that cannot be destroyed he must die first or stop it on hiz own

    Savage awakening: starts of buy opening his third eye placing his chakra to the max and then opening 3 of the chakra gates then slows time down but as he does the enemy is still in regular time thinking he has vanished then starts to feel the effects of the attack i lung him in the air and while up i begin hitting all his major organs and vitals to cause major damage then before he touches the ground i use my chakra manipulation to take his chakra and blast it back through his whole network which send him back to the air paralyzed and stunned but i use my chakra to then mangle and shred away at his network and shut his body down and as he drops my third i open i use the deadly (tomeshuga jutsu) of my clan that send a force blast beam out of my third i which then kills my enemy and pierces his heart and showers the land with his blood..

    genjutsu: phoenix rebirth: i appear to have been attacked and sufferring from a major wound or however i had hit but as they think that they have triumphed my body slowly burn then turns into ash then i reemerge from behind them and inflict a fatal blow

    brain erosion: chip away at the persons mind and causes them to go utterly insane no release from this only if i will it it bring your deepest darkest fears to life and can cause permanant koma depend on length of time spent in the jutsu(last resort)

    lotus death hold: in order to use must first make victim bleed then place in jutsu summon blood clone then as they drift into the jutsu they're slowly showered in lotus petals but they soon realize they are being choked but its the clone hidden as though he has taken the form of the lotus pedals strangle the victim

    and has now became a special jonin
  3. anonymous

    hes out going and upfront with people.hes pretty laid back and he knows how to have fun...but also knows when to be serious.
    name-Rora kunaari age-15 rank-chuunin hair-jet black eyes-blue height-5/9

    the Rora clan-village hidden in the clouds...the former village to this clan till they were banished for there attempt to take over the village.years later and now there in there new home of konoha.yet now infamous in the village for there deeds to there last .hated by almost everyone,the clan fights for respect of there fellow shinobi.this clan has mastered the art of lightning manipulation and creation.even though they have lightning,there known for there amazing lightning fast speed and never ending adrenalin.lightning attacks cant hurt them but they feel the shocking.

    the past-when i was young,my powers were week and undeveloped.always picked last,always was last.and on top of that i was part of the hated Rora clan.i trained had nothing left.my power increased till it became an obsession.after graduation,i was sent on a C-ranked mission but was quickly turned into an S-ranked ranked mission when orochimaru ifulltrated and attacked our squad.we defended but we stood no chance.i was captured and taken to the lair of orochimaru.when i woke up,my neck burned like crazy.i didnt know at the time but i had the curse mark.i found a kid named xino we escaped and ran to the hidden leaf village.later i found out that its been 3 years since i returned.my clan was wiped out from the raid on the chunin exams.i was later promoted to chunin.no one knows about my past.this is my chance for a clean slate...

    the rora clan members are unusually wise.thats because the clan is born with there ancestors wisdom and knowledg.the rora have strange marks like ancient characters all over there body that can only be seen with lightning.they also put black diamond shaped marks bellow theres eyes on there cheek bone.(like axel on kingdom hearts)
    Chakra characteristic-lightning~color-white

    weapons-i fight with 3 kunai in each hand(like wolverine).i also have a kunai in my mouth(i fight with that like zabuza did in his last fight)huh-

    ~duel lightning blades-ninjutsu-creates a swarm of lightning around your hands
    ~ninja art shockwave-genjutsu-stunning the enemy for 7 seconds
    ~speed of light-taijutsu-do i realy have to tell you?
    ~lightning roar-ninjutsu-creates a massive amount of lightning from the mouth and ejects it at speeds off the charts.this move releases the enemies chakra.
    supercharge-ninjutsu-charges my allies chakra 10 fold

    all basic jutsu-clones,replacement,etc...-
    ~the roku mavericks-ninjutsu- this jutsu changes my six hand kunai into clones.each clone is equally challenged to my skill.since they release only on my command,this fight is pretty much over unless you have something crazy up your sleeve
    ~roras barrage-move-using substitition jutsu every time the enemy strikes makes them careless after a while and starts worrying about where ill come from next.thats when i strike with the real me.but i make sure i dont get any vital-organs injured.
    ~worst case scenario-move-i move extremely fast and use a lifting kick to the jaw of my enemy sending him/her flying into the air.i first strike the area that disables the nerve system.then i can use this to my advantage to constantly strike the opponent till they are a mile high up.then i turn them upside down and use a move called snake hold(where i hold him/her in a tangling way)as there head is smashed into the ground at a hundreds of miles a second-none has escaped...yet
    ~kunarii's cloak-genjutsu-a jutsu created by kunarii that uses genjutsu to blend in with his surroundings.even when in motion
    ~unexpected touch of death!-forbidden jutsu-my clans forbidden move.sends trillions of volts through the object he touches(last resort)
    the curse mark-
    orochimarus in-perfected curse mark that amplifies my power,speed,etc.50x more than before.it also gives me other uknown power.(i can only use this form for limited time-say 15 minuets before i die from exhaustion...yah brutal)
  4. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    i dig your bck ground and profile it sound cool and amazing and i shall now take the under my wing and become your sensei
  5. anonymous
    you have an awsome bio!your power is original.they have never been done on naruto thats what make them coolalright im your apprentice.
  6. redjoker
    Name: Tao Shenlong

    Personality: Quite, cool headed and very clam. Always out of site and alone, but full of incite on many things.

    Age: 28

    Back ground: My clan is called the Sho Shen Clan... we were but a small group of shinobis living in the hidden leaf. Until one day..... when the nine tail fox attacked the leaf, causing my clan to help to defend and take the hurt to safe places. But unknown to me 13 years ago, that my who clan would be taken out in one blow from the fox's attack. My clan had the 3rd hokage to send me to all the different villages to learn and master a different jutsu from that land's shinobi. As i was mastering one of my new jutsu i learned from a sand ninja, the news of what happened to hidden leaf, reaching my ears.... I couldn't believe what I heard, for the life of me. then the thought clawed into my mind.... " what had happened to my clan, were they killed in the attacked?" So with that I fines my training with the sand ninja and returned to the hidden leaf with my new Justus in hand. When i got there i came to find that my clan was no more..... I went to where my clan lived and made graves for my fallen clan.

    As a few weeks passed, i was asked to the hokage mansion.... the hokage give me the rank of special jonin and put me in the anbu black ops. as years pasted i done my missions well. Before the attack on Chuunin exam had happened the 3rd sent me away on a B rank mission that turn in to an S rank mission, that pulled me to my limits and made me show my clan's hidden move. When the mission was done with I returned only to find that the 3rd hokage had die and a new hokage had been name, but as one of the last wishes of the 3rd he asked the new hokage to give me the rank of hidden hokage of the leaf. She said "this rank is a special kind of class... tho u will be known and seen as a jonin, u are the first i will call to take care of the village. when i leave the village u will be the hokage.... and ur mission at all times is to watch over the hidden leaf as the hokage." So now I take the rank of hokage and watch over the village, as the 5th hokage Lady Tsunade made it where she would take a break from the job as hokage... i watch over the village ready to protect it with my life.

    chakra color: orange & yellow

    chakra elemental manipulation: Earth

    taijutsu: mainly love to fight with the two short & long swords, he takes with him. these swords were made to up the power of some of his jutsus he use in a fight. When unarmed in a fight, he has a thing for using a lot of kicks and striking kicks with a few hard hitting punches.

    Puppet Master Jutsu, Shadow Clone,

    Mirage Lances:

    Tri Shen Strike:This move has two ways it can be used. The first is that I much summon three shadow clones, that will each take one of the four swords I have. starting out in a running line one behind the other... we all charge at the target. As we get more near the target, the three clones throw their swords up and one does a lighting jutsu, one does a fire jutsu, and the other does a wind jutsu all at the same time... hitting the target with an elemental strike, that traps the target in a.....

    Water style Liquid Leviathan jutsu: A large wave of water begins to form and surrounds the target, forming into four twisters that cuts the target little by little. then explosions in to a huge form of a leviathan and comes crashing down with it mouth open to eat you.

    Earth style Reaper's Equator jutsu:

    Fire style Scarlet Flood jutsu: Flames begin to come up from the ground around me, and forms into a dragon. The dragon eyes lock on to the target and begins to rush out at a great speed, with all it's great force about half way to the target...it goes into the ground and the real form of this jutsu appears.....the target is surround by four fireballs,that come from the ground around him. the fireballs circle around the target and then go up and out to postion them self at different points of the target. Then when i say " Burst" the fireballs become a huges cyclone.

    Secret Ninja Arts:
    Scarlet Dynasty Mirages, Dragon Quake, Oni Touch, Puppet Rain, Drought's End

    Manipulation Gazes: A taijutsu that uses a burt of chakra to make the kicks and punchs stronger and faster. As the jutsu is used in three different ways, the effects are different. The first way is that chakra is more used in the legs & feet to speed up the kicks, causing a shock to the target's body. that make them feel like they are freezing in pain.

    Sho Shen Clan Hidden Move: Maheyodisho- The way this move works is that a spirit of a four eyed, four armed armored humanoid dragon appaers behind me. marks appaer on my right arm, hand, both side of my face, and my eyes change colors to a scarlet with a blue green ring that has a blade like line in them. The spirit begins to pull out two of the swords I have with me, then pulls out two more from his side. I take the other two swords I have out and begin to run at the target, about half way to the target I disappaer. A gaze comes over the target and the spirit shows himself in fornt of you without his swords in hand. when I appaer the four swords of the dragon spirit would have been placed at a different end of the target.... i would bring my hands to my eyes and cry out " Heat-So-Ten-Di-Ra-Shen-Sho. Causing the target to be cut little by little, as this is happening the dragon is forming a fire, wind, earth and water jutsu. to end the move I send the target in to a genjutsu that shows the soul of fire, burning in to the target's head.
  7. redjoker
    oh yeah just to let yall know I'm taking the rank of hokage, but if somebody want to fight for it the n b my guest...lol

    Also, i'm not done wit my person yet
  8. anonymous
    ok take your time on your guy.no rush.at least we have a hokage now
  9. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    yes we do and i see we have added some more people to the village also and for the who just joined no rush take your time and create your personal shinobi character and post it on so we can see who you are...
  10. kimmybearxoxoshugo
    peanutssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssss
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