leaf village shinobi

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  1. Kage X
    Kage X
    cool, that reminds me of this one online game, but u had to pay for it. it's called starknights. i will check out dark orbit when i can.
  2. narutard bugboy
    have you checked out dark orbit yet. Hey everyone who's your favorite naruto character?
    Mine is Kankuro
  3. Kage X
    Kage X
    not yet planning on it 2mrrw. my favorite is a tie between gaara(kazekage form) and latest naruto.
  4. narutard bugboy
    Sweet. anyone else want to say who their favorite is?
  5. lessaangel
    my favorite is itachi and i like his eyes......plus all of his justus
  6. Kage X
    Kage X
    man i love all these new pics in the gallery. where do u find the all death?
  7. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    i'd have to say rock lee and sasuke shippuden ifthe movie n bonds sasuke if u seen sasuke is visious ass hell!!
  8. anonymous
    hey my computer is broken so i cant go on here as much.but i welcome everyone who came on when i was gone
  9. lessaangel
    he hey hey hey hey im back and i came to get u all!
    Just Kiding hahahahahhahahahha
    was up fello leafe village shinobi!!
  10. narutard bugboy
    not much. Im glad someone finnaly posted something. its been hella quiet around here
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