leaf village shinobi

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  1. ILoveUzamakiix77
    i read a few post's and i dont see any clans made and things like that..do we actually do that here or is it juss a chill spot to jus post random things
  2. narutard bugboy
    umm I dont know. no ones ever brought it up before .
  3. ILoveUzamakiix77
    Well if it really seems boring juss start up a lil competition in this group..who ever can make the coolest sounding character..everyone puts his/her rep. up next time they see them in a post.
  4. redjoker
    that sound like it would b fun lets do it then........ whos up for it?
  5. narutard bugboy
    Ill join it .
  6. neko nathaniel
    ello whats up ? whats gowing on?lol no one is talking in the other groupes
  7. narutard bugboy
    umm no ones talking on this one either so im glad you sed something. so whats up with you?
  8. neko nathaniel
    lol nuthing much was just looking throw groups and most of them are invit only which sucks lol so i sall this one and sed what the hell and now im here
  9. narutard bugboy
    cool. elation clan and nine tailed fox clan are some other good ones
  10. neko nathaniel
    cool just got in them lol i also made my own lol u sould join
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