leaf village shinobi

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  1. anonymous
    peanuts?okwell you guys can join in whenever.no rush.i like those moving pics you posted.nice!
  2. redjoker
    thanks anonymous do what i can when it comes to find good pics of things n wats up with the peanuts thing?
  3. anonymous
    Hahuh.no ideabut I'm geusing that's like her jutsu.like"ninja art...pppppeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaannnnnnuuuuuuttttt!
  4. redjoker
    oooooooooooooo ok lol now that is different mmmm she should b a fun ninja then
  5. anonymous
    No ofence but that jutsu is not that greatit could prolly beat the third eye though..HAH just kiddingim even scared of savage awakening:0
  6. redjoker
    lol the jutsu is great in the scene, that it is funny and i like funny... more over it could be used as a way to throw who ever you are fighting off, then get them with a better jutsu.... but that is wat i think lol. also, yea it could beat the 3rd eye or just give him a run for his money
  7. anonymous
    i stole her jutsu and used it against zeroshi...ninja art peeeaaannnuuu.....BAM!hit by his jutsu kabalahs rain...I MEAN illl recover in a month or so...
  8. kimmybearxoxoshugo
    IVE CREATED A NAME!!!!!!!!!!!im yotsuba and i help the wounded get better if its utterly impossible 2 do it on there own.also i am the village singer!!!!!!!!so if any body needs muswic come 2 yotsuba hamasaki!!!!!!!!!
  9. narutard bugboy
    xino kuuntsai is from the land of darkness from the village hidden in the shadows. he's the son of the dekage (the shadow villages hokage). his father wanted him to take over his place as the dekage, but xino wanted nothing to do with it. his dad finally gave up and banished xino from the village when he was 10. he wandered around perfecting his jutsu for 3 years until he was captured by orochimaru.'. there he met rora kunarii. orochimaru gave them both unperfected curse marks but chose xino as his next vessel. after 3 years xino and rora were able to escape to the hidden leaf village, rora's home town. xino joined the leaf village and teamed up with rora to be the first 2-man squad ever. his village can control darkness like gaara controls his sand. xino has all the elements but hasn't learned how to use them because in the shadow village everyone has all the elements but they dont teach them until they are over 50 years old so there are no rebellions. this rule aplies to all except for those of royal blood line(unlike the leaf village, the shadow village has a family that takes over the position of dekage) when your part of the blood line they teach to use all elements at the age of 15.

    -xino's description-
    he has black hair that comes across his face. he wheres the shadow villages vest which is white with a black rose design on it. his pants are white with 1 black stripe on the front and 1 on the back on each pant leg.on his skin he has black lines that reveal where his chakra points are.his chakra is a black purple color

    -glass jutsu; by combining water and earth 2 make sand and then burning it with fire 2 make glass(this is xino kunsai's blood line chakra manipulation)
    -glass gauntlet
    -raining glass
    -glass kekkie genkai
    -puppet master jutsu
    -shadow ribbons; darkness that is attached to xino's fingers that he uses to whip or tie up his opponent.

    -forbiden jutsu-
    -the dark hand of death;this jutsu causes the lines on his body to connect and make his whole hand black.then he lunges at his opponent and puts his hand on their face which sucks all the life out of them causing them to dissintergreat.

    -summoning jutsu ninja cat summoning-
    -saber tooth tiger; has great agillity and is offten used for exscaping unbeatable foes
    -feline of despaire; holds thousands of souls that it has killed who reach out of its body 2 bring others into eternal suffering. used for taking down strong enemies but leaves the summoner exhausted.

    -shadow traveling; xino can travel through his or any shadow and come out of his opponents shadow.
    -dark cover;when he needs to be unseen he can make the black flower on his jacket and the lines on his pants to cover all of his clothes.
    -shiokuro;the shadow village has a secret remedy that cures almost any illness but only a few are told how to use it.he takes the shiokuro flower which is only found in the shadow village. the flower has a white stem with black thorns and petals.xino sucks the darkness from the plant and then grinds the stem into dust. then makes a hand sign which causes the dust to seep into whoever xino is healing.

    -shiokuro flower
    -scrolls;xino has two small puppet scrolls one on each leg.and one big scroll on his back.the two small scrolls on his legs each contain a puppet.reaper and clown,the twins of death.the one on xinos back contains the shadow ferret. a giant monster that has unimaginable speed and chackra claws.
  10. redjoker
    pretty cool sounding jutsus i must say...... what made you come of with them?
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