leaf village shinobi

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  1. redjoker
    cool i'm glad you get a name for your person and it's good you know what she does.
  2. anonymous
    your so cheap narutard...HAh jus kiding!glass gauntlent is really coooool!
  3. tokini
    sarutobi eita! thats her name!
  4. lessaangel
    This place is going to be the best clan here i bet i still dont know!!!!!
  5. anonymous
    Everyone knows that the rora clan would dominatehaha jus kidn!...no really
  6. redjoker
    O I think all the different clans would have something that would make them dominate over the others.
  7. anonymous
    temari could totaly pwn me with her wind tho .
  8. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    Oooohhhh play boooiiiiii hokage(red joker) and my pupil wanna clown my moves ooooohhhhh (•) My eye un beet u can't touch it but you'll get close hahahahh =^)!!!
    PPPEEEAAAANNUUTTSSS blagh lol ha ha ha ha let do up village keep em comin zeroshi will keep it comin 2 ...( FEEL THE FLAME OF YOUTH!!!)
  9. redjoker
    Yeah your little eye, gone be beat man..... lol it's gone be like Megatron just shot by Optimal OptimusD:
  10. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    U say so lol but your defeat will be impudent its like primus beating unicron faited lol
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