leaf village shinobi

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  1. narutard bugboy
    heyyyy. ummm wut kinda music do you guys listen to ?
  2. zatch bell
    zatch bell
    bug boi i like hip hop,r&b,pop,some rock, a mix combination
  3. Kage X
    Kage X
    i'll listen to pretty much anything but the new rap, but country has my heart and soul.
  4. narutard bugboy
    prty good selections. its my b-day today. YEAH!!!!
  5. redjoker
    rap r&b J-pop for the most part in the music for me..... happy b. day to man.
  6. Kage X
    Kage X
    happy late bday. what kinds of music are you into?
  7. narutard bugboy
    I like more hardcore punk and screamo but ill listen to some slower stuff to
  8. Kage X
    Kage X
    Pain is getting his bum kiked, aint he? cant wait to see the true powers of nagato, though.
  9. narutard bugboy
    umm kage x that was random . who is pain?
  10. Kage X
    Kage X
    in Naruto? the big bad baddie? the guy with rings in his eyes? i was just commenting on the series, srry if that was random.
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