leaf village shinobi

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  1. narutard bugboy
    no problem. I dont remember that, is it in shippuuden?
  2. Kage X
    Kage X
    yeah, its the newest issue, u can read it on onemanga.com.
  3. narutard bugboy
    sweet. I mite have to check that out. So what games do you all play?
  4. Kage X
    Kage X
    vid games- all the ps2 naruto games, mostly fantasy or shooter, but no sports.
    online- i sometimes play last chaos or mechquest. u can find some pretty good mmorpgs on aeria.com. last chaos is one of them and they are free, at least the ones i saw. mechquest has its own site, check it out.
  5. narutard bugboy
    yeah i have a mechquest a count and adventurequest and aq worlds. check out worlds its pretty cool. dont you have to download last chaos?
  6. Kage X
    Kage X
    yes, but it only took a couple hours, and i have a rather slow computer. both the account and download is free, and if ur into kingdom hearts style, then check out ASDA story, i dont think its on aeria but its still free also.
  7. narutard bugboy
    sweet. O dont really do download games cause i dont want any viruses but ill check them out. so what game systems do you have?
  8. Kage X
    Kage X
    only ps2 and ds. want either 360 or ps3, but not much chance ill get it. and i wouldnt worry about viruses on last chaos, i have never had any trouble with it.
  9. narutard bugboy
    ok cool. I got the ps3 for my birthday. if you ever get it, get lbp and drakes uncharted first
  10. Kage X
    Kage X
    i was actually thinking of getting fallout 3. i played with my cousin-in-law and it is sweeeet!
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