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  1. Igga200
    League Of Legends aka LoL is a strategy game like DotA. Take 1 min to read this below and you will understand !

    League of Legends gets my personal stamp of awesomeness! My account is Igga200, and I'm a level 30 summoner who mains on Shaco.
    This game rocks. It's like they took DOTA's idea, flipped it and resold it to the market. It's so much more appealing. Levelling up means something (you carry over EXP, "Rune" slots, and masteries (think wow talent trees). You get IP points that you can buy new champions with ! Very cool system !
    In my opinion it is mush better then DotA !

    Nice quick matches on Twisted Treeline (3 on 3, usually takes 20ish minutes) and the 5 on 5 (summoner's rift) usually takes 30-50 minutes per game.
    Feel free to add my account as: Igga200 Sign Up link is below

    League of Legends - Play For Free

    Hope to see you in game!
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