Welcome to League Of Legends :) !!

  1. Igga200
    Hey everyone , Welcome to my new started group !
    I made this group to try out if I could get more nice people to play the new game called LoL . It is a fun game that you could play with friends and team up to win matches faster. The game is like DotA the mission is to take out the enemies head base the "Nexus".

    I would recommend to try this game out , If you like strategy games .
    I tryed it out and did not get disipointed .

    Ofc everything is free in the game, the thing is that every match you win you get something called IP points with those things you buy new runes , champions(Heros) and mush more . It is hard to explain really for new players, so give it a chane .

    League of Legends - Play For Free
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