LifE StylES

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  1. iluvmyloser
    Your in sports? Well at least it's Over right? ^^ Chu~.
  2. iluvmyloser
    NEW DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Kiani Haki22
    No I am not into sports.....I jsut saying to keep I dont faint and what not.
  4. iluvmyloser
    Oh sorry lol. BTW thanks for joining my site^^ I hope you enjoy your stay around^^
  5. Kiani Haki22
    Oh your welcome......I like it but lets hope I remember to stay active.
  6. iluvmyloser
    First time, that I saw your eyes
    Boy, you looked right through me, mmm mmmm
    Played it cool, but I knew you knew
    That cupid hit me, mmm mmm

    You got me trippin' (oh), stumblin' (oh)
    Flippin' (oh), fumblin' (so)
    Clumsy 'cuz I'm fallin' in love (in love)
    You got me slippin' (oh), tumblin' (oh)
    Sinkin' (oh), crumblin' (so)
    Clumsy 'cuz I'm fallin' in love (in love)
    So in love with you

    Sorry..wanna sing lol

  7. Kiani Haki22
    lol loser.....I like that song keep on singing it......listen to loser sing.
  8. iluvmyloser
    I dont think i like you calling me about Rachel ?
  9. Kiani Haki22
    lol......sorry I forgot to type your real name in my mistake.
  10. iluvmyloser
    Sorry guys for the delay... I was at the Airport^^ .
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