Hello all~!

  1. IzayaOrihara
    Hello there. You can call me Izaya. I'm new to AnimeOnline and would really like to get to know some of you. That'd be pretty nifty...
    Uh, lets see. I draw manga a lot and am trying to go to Japan this summer.
    I don't know if that interests any of you, but I thought i'd share anyways.
  2. Animefreak12
    I am new too. Welcome! I am Anime or Freak, as you may call me...Lzaya-san! I like anime and manga...I love drawing too. I look toward meeting you!
  3. KagamiTheQuiet
    Ah hello Izaya... I am also new...
    I hope you will be able to go to Japan... (I want to go there myself) I don't really draw much since I'm pretty lousy at it, but I think manga is interesting.... (I like coming um with storylines even if they aren't that great...)
    As for me, Kagami is fine....
    Here's for hoping that we might ve able to interact more~
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