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  1. Lasura
    Yay!!! ^^ Two members! lol About time for a first post.

    Well I just wanted to share the two fanfics that have cought my eye at this time (Been lazy to read the rest, but I'll do it soon ) One was "A Witch Story" by EmoNightmareRose, it was a real pleasure to read, it's kinda cute, very interesting and the author is doing a nice job with descriptions and stuff (though the beginning seemed a bit odd to me). And the other was "Dreamer" by Scourge, it was really quite amazing. Very interesting and very original and very short, I think everyone would be able to enjoy that one. ^^
    And then there also is one old story, and so very undervaluated "Three Days of Dance and Love" by KuwiRules. Closed for comments but deffinetely worth reading. I really, really enjoyed it, very lovely. It hasn't been finnished though

    I won't go telling bout my own ones though... for now
  2. RayMe
    Gee.. why is the name like that? why not make it.. elite literature writer clan or something sheesh *pokes* should invite more people who writes poem
  3. Lasura
    I've invited everyone I know, it's ur turn now :P And I'm bad at namings, wanted a better naming should have stayed up with crazy Laura
  4. Kiani Haki22
    I love writing but I don't think my stories are that good...right now I have been writing a chapter story I just need to find time to type it up.
  5. atomik_sprout
    Thanks for the invite! I hope to chat with you all soon! ^_^
  6. Lasura
    Well let me know when you post it!!! ^^ I sure would love to read it! While I'm being very lazy to read poems, since I find them too emotional and since reading "The Mill on the Floss" by George Elliot (please no one read it! I highly not recommend it!) I have come to hate too much drama...

    And you are welcomed Sprout!!! ^^ I hope a nice char arises from this silly named thing too...
  7. Corvus
    why was I invited here? it's not like I write or anything... jeesh =P ahah so how is everyone?
  8. Lasura
    hmmm ok... then what in the hell is this: "Hearts and an Emptied Revolver (HER)" by Corvus? *pokes* (I haven't read it yet though)

    I'm fine, going mad at 2 am... chattin with my bf, trying to get all the things around AO done.. must say hi to many ppl!!!
  9. RayMe
    xD silly

    Laura knows everything Corvus... fear her~ @.@ she is in the "demon's hand"

  10. Lasura
    It is "in a deamons hands" and the deamon ir you Ray But yah, you should fear me *wicked laugh*


    *cuddle to Ray*
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