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  1. RayMe
    aww... *apskaviens Lasura* lil.. piemiligi.. very miligi

    Hmm... im wrecking this clan.. suppose to be talking bout writing!!! @.@

    Literature.. would fan fic be included?
  2. Lasura
    Duh!!!!!!!!!! I said in my description: "on AO" you don't see no novels on here I guess I have to change the sescription a bit

    U better finnish that ghost story of yours AO must see it *giggles*

    *pieglausties* ti amo
  3. BrokenLover101
    Aww. ^^ You guys are so sweet. I'm really happy you guys have each other. -hugs laura- I'm so happy for you guys. I've missed talking to you..

    Thank you for the invitation Laura. ^^x.. I don't think i've seen you write that much anymore.. hmm.. I will have to find some of your stories and poems. ^^
  4. RayMe
    Ehh.. i feel so lazy to write.. how can i write when my attention is mostly for you.. *pokes laura* silly
  5. BrokenLover101
    Think of her. I realize that you spend all your time with her but maybe (on the occasion that you end up not having time with her at some point and have a notion to write) you can think of her and write something involving her or about her. ^^

    If that doesn't help or make sense I'm sorry..
  6. Lasura
    Thank you for joining Jamie! ^^
    Oh, I haven't written anything lately ^^ I'm only trying ot fix up my Vampire story, but yah, there are some really nice fanfics here on AO ^^ I meantioned them at the beginning of this... chat thingy ^^

    And it makes sence what you say Jamie, but it hasn't helped >.< I just simply can't write.. not poems at least. They either sound too sappy or they just don't sound at all lol ^^

    @ Ray: I'm sorry should I leave you alone for an hour or few? I want to read something bout you
  7. BrokenLover101
    Your welcome. ^^x...

    hmm.. writer's block maybe?

    ^^ me too. I would love to read something from you..
  8. RayMe
    about me? Hmm... Sheesh... too fuzzy... i dunno what to write about ~.~
  9. BrokenLover101
    hmm.. What about your island? It's a beautiful place.
  10. RayMe
    I must supply.. since there is a demand.. one poem done..
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