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  1. Corvus
    gah.!!! my ears or rather my eyes...
    writing isn't to be done on demand... comand rarely demand NEVER!!!
    and HER is ramblings from a person capable of much better writing and Lasura if you know everything please correct the error of Ray's ways. (that'd make a good title for a book. Hmm oh well.) Plus,I know kthat to know everything would be rather problematic because in fact knowing everything would cause your brain to die. You must learn at least learn one new thing everyday. If not then there is a central tissue which isn't stimulated to release the hormones and chemicals necessary to think. So, knowing everything would result in you never needing to think... which would kill you because your brain would have to stop functioning either that or you'd have to start all over agian.

    So now that I've rambled on for a bit I'm going to check on my poem and story and see how they're doing and if my story has been closed yet due to lack of people commenting...
  2. RayMe
    aww corvus.. i would read your story.. too bad im busy and tired.. *sighs* ^^ sorry...

    lol my way? I just try to satisfy the needs of my friends.. what is so wrong about that? ^^ Plus.. Lasura needs it i think..
  3. Lasura
    Ok well someone sure was in a bad mood ^^ Don't have to be mean because of some silly jokes, you know?
    I will read Corvus story, but it's better if the reader is in a good mood.
  4. Renn
    Okay so uh....whats going on?? lolz sorry its just i was invited her and i really don't know what to do?
  5. Kiani Haki22
    Just talk about literture...maybe some you have written(poem.,storied, ect) or stuff other ppl have written whatever you choose.
  6. AGAki
    my poem of the day

    everyone has there own demons big or small
    but its how you deal with them that counts
    do you egnore them
    talk to them
    or do you just stand...and listen...and obey

    dont make fun of me if you dont like it lol XD
  7. Lasura
    No it's a cool poem ^^ It's almost hard to believe that you wrote it yourself. It's all great appart from the spelling error "egnore" it's "ignore" (sorry, it was quite irritating). But I really like this poem ^^

    Yah, Renn you can just randomly mention a poem or storie everyone should read on AO, you can advertize your work or you can start a talk bout a book you read or smth. Just do what you wanna actually, mods won't harm you here
  8. RayMe
    Laura hates spelling mistakes :x she almost killed me for it.. you better be careful all @.@ !!! jk

    It's a good poem.. too bad it's too short.. hmm... more description is needed... ^^
  9. Lasura
    lol Ray and his descriptions That poem is nice short, because it will just make you think. Like haiku, you know? You just read it and then think about its deeper meanings

    And don't overexaggerate with the spelling thing ur mixing me up with Bhrett now, I do spelling mistakes myself
  10. AGAki
    thanks guys and it is suppost to make you think.....also make me think about things lol and sorry about the spelling error (i kinda typed a little fast and didnt pay attention) anyway thanks for your comments XD
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