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  1. AGAki
    corvus: yes english was suppost to be my specialty (appearently not lol)and that is why i post the poems i like wat people think of my peoms because they make me make better ones lol also Lasura:ummmm the sich means you know like the kim possible thing lol it just popped in my head so i put it in and i like the way i put demand rather power for one it ryhmes the other i say he is in control or in this case to say
  2. aeonking
    Well thanks for the invite. Now what are we talking about?
  3. Corvus
    Eep.. now I feel kinda bad. not really though because this is all in the name of progress.

    Ok so my next question is, how many times did you read and re-read this poem objectively before you posted it?
    Feelings are great for when you're writing but not when you're reading. You have to remember that we don't know what's going on in your head until you tell us somehow. That's the great thing about poetry. It's expression in its pure form and it helps introduce people to new ways of thinking that they might not have ever approached the same way. The thing is, you need the approach. For example, if you're going to have a persona that's paranoid by something then you need to develop that paranoia at some point. (True you could possibly introduce it briefly and effectively and expect the reader to understand it from that perspective without problems but, it's really hard without months of work)

    I'm going to give you a metaphor that my prof. gave me: 'When poets write, every letter, every end stopped line is a piece of gold. If you read it this way it makes sense.'

    Similarly, if you write it this way, so that not one word is wasted you'll find yourself playing around with a complex little puzzle and it's actually quite enjoyable. Then, the end result is something that makes people think when they read it. People like to think (but it has to be guided because people are also simple) so if you accomplish that, they'll like it.

    Don't worry I'm not so great at this myself, I just do my best and each time my best gets better and better. Even right after I write my poem, I re-read it numerous times before I excuse it from my sight to make sure everything is as I like it.

    DOn't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discredit YOUR work I'm merely asking that it's clear and concise to the BEST of your ability.

    If you do that, you can only get better.

    P.S. unless you've already read the caps in that last paragraph do so now please. =P

    and, this is off topic but related to the Kim Possible comment. Did you take it from there? If so, please don't do that. It's slang and it's unoriginal. If you put it in there because you liked it, and it fits in your every day vernacular (basically that big dictionary of words that's stored into your brain where you are placing this as you are reading it right now where it is then saved for later to be used in your speech or writing) *lack of punctuation in there was intentional* If, it is in fact part of your everyday speech, then it's ok to use it if there (absolutely) is not another word to fit in that same spot. It's like having two puzzles, and getting one of the pieces from the other puzzle and having it fit the position perfectly but the pattern is slightly off color, you know something is wrong.

  4. AGAki
    wow i have so many errors in my peoms XD T.T (sigh) well i have something to say to you corvus out of everyone that gave comments i like you because your blunt about wats wrong i like that i dont like it when people sugar coat because then i get confused on wats wrong so yah thanks for your help XD
  5. Lasura
    Geee ok finally I read it.... I must admit I like how you think Corvus. No other comments.

    But gee I have noticed that quite a few American's have problems with spelling O.o it's just madness... Of course there are others which have amazing english though. And I know that most of those american's ho can't spell will talk 10 times better than me.. But still...
  6. Corvus
    When I write everything it is generally spelt right. When I type... don't count on it. I'm a really poor typist.

    That's the way I work. I'm glad that you like it instead of trying to cut my head off for it.

    I've corrected my spelling in the previous post for convenience sake.
  7. Corvus
    Oh Lasura!
    Back when you actually had time on your hands. I remember you dabbling a little into some stories in the fanfics section. I also remember you giving me the only memorable comment on a piece which I never got to finish on here... well, I now have a new story posted.... there are two installments which I'm not going to lie are kinda longer then AO is used to but are still kinda short in my opinion. So... if you wouldn't mind telling me what you think of it ^^ that would be excellent. Honestly, they might make that comment seem short =P but they are definately more interesting. {P.S. the txt color is "whitewheat"
  8. Kiani Haki22
    So who has recently stumbled across a good book or poem that you would recomded people to read???
  9. Corvus
    I have! It's called the wheel of time. There are 12 books and they're well written =P No pictures though...
    text color {'blueruby'}
  10. Kiani Haki22
    Oh kool.....anyone else have a book they would like to reconmend
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