Literature corner

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  1. Kiani Haki22
    YAY!!!!!!! Kitty is back is okay your back how have ya been???
  2. AGAki
    yah!!!!........really i thought you might be mad at me.......ive been doing well
  3. Kiani Haki22
    Why would I be mad at ya kitty?, well that is good.
  4. Kryptoniteray
    I'm glad that I found a literature corner on this forum.Sounds fun. I like to read and I'm open to new suggestions.I'll try to give my best recommendations too.
    The book that I'm reading right now is called "Falling Angels" by Tracy Chevalier. It has an interesting story and I like the characters and how they evolve.
    That's about it for now.See you later!
  5. mangalovertje
    hi there..
    I'm new here on the group..
    And I like to write poems and read...
    I write story's and love to read them...
  6. NevesElocin
    I have a few poems here. Its just been a while since I put up any new ones. Thats changed now though.
  7. mangalovertje
    a cool...
    what kinda poems do you write..??
    i write poems that just comes up in my mind...
  8. NevesElocin
    Thats basically what I do. But I do try to write from the heart. They always turn out better that way.
  9. zyta
    Hey everyone, you got a new member. I'm lazy and I may forget about this place, if I happen to do so, someone, anyone, hit me with a PM and I'll be back.
  10. mangalovertje
    Well you said it and I will do it...
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