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  1. Renn
    Sorry i haven't been on lately and its been busy but hey I am here ^^ So whats going on????
  2. mangalovertje
    I think nothing really special..
    That's what I think..
    I dont know..??
  3. darkfreya
    im joining this one since i love reading books and sounds like a nice group
  4. zyta
    wow, we have to be one of the most non-active groups ever
  5. Jericho
    hello i love books ive read so many i cant remember them all
    my favorite is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules verne
    im curently reading Catch-22 by Joseph Hallen(not sure on his last name)
    i also love comic books, my favorites are Preacher and The Invisibles
  6. zefielyn
    Catch 22 is by Heller, really an excellent book. The best has to be Minderbinder, but just swell overall. It's been such a while since I've read it... digging it up would be fine.
  7. HolderOfTheDarkChalice
    hows it going in here? this place looks kind of slow
  8. Kiani Haki22
    A lot of things have slowed down on AO but maybe in time, with big hopes, it will speed up but for now almost everything is going in slow mo.
  9. sidian
    This sounds like a good group to join. I myself am an avid reader and writer. Gotta love a good book.
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